Friday, April 24, 2015


Maine Initiatives
14 Maine Street, Suite 216G
P.O. Box 66
Brunswick, ME 04011
(207) 607-4070

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Maine Initiatives, a fund for change, cultivates social, economic, and environmental justice
through grants and other support to grassroots organizations in Maine communities.


Announcing our New Director

Do you believe in giving people the hope, opportunity, and resources to tackle social, economic, and environmental issues and win? Maine Initiatives is a community of grassroots leaders, donors, and nonprofits working together to grow the movement for change. Our support for organizations dedicated to social progress is changing Maine.

Our motto: Water to the roots, and plenty of it!

Welcome to Maine Initiatives, a fund for change.


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Grantees for equal rights


A grantee defends workers' comp


A grantee for an end to aerial pesticide spraying


A grantee for fair treatment for farm workers


A grantee for marriage equality


Grantees for a fair state budget


Grantees for fair taxation


Grantees for immigrant justice


Grantees for working women